Useful things to know ✔


(from different hadiths) 

1) The benefits of children's crying

There are many benefits of children's crying. They have dampness in their brain, if that dampness stays inside the brain, it can cause the loss of eyesight and other damages. Crying can make the dampness out of the brain, so that their body and eyes become healthy. Sometimes we see that children relax after they cry, but parents don't know it. They try to calm the children and plan everything according to their (children's) desire so that they will not cry. Whereas, crying is more recommended.
2) Sneezing of the patient is the sign of recover and comfortableness of the body.
3) Sneezing is useful for the whole body but in case it is not over 3 times. If so, then it is sign of illness.
4) If the people knew how useful is to brush (clean) the teeth, they would keep it even while sleeping.
5) Clean your teeth, it gives light (noor) to your eyes, eliminates phlegm and increases the intellect.
6) Three things eliminate absent-mindedness and give strong memory : to read Qur'an,  to brush (clean) the teeth and keep fasting.
7) Eat an apple. It cleans the stomach.
8) Drink water by sipping not directly. It can cause the ache of the liver.
9) To eat many eggs and to bring it into habit can cause spleen disease and stomach storm (flatulence).
10) Sitting much in the lavatory can cause a hemorrhoid disease.

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