Hijab or Camel Hump?! ( ⌣́,⌣̀)

Yesterday I saw a 'hijabi' girl on the other side of the road. She was wearing a long skirt but her hijab was absolutely against islamic rules. Nobody can tell who is more accepted one by Allah but there are some conditions in Islam, too. The hijab 'style' was nearly the same with the picture shown below. Even the ear-rings were out...but this is another topic.

Veiling is one of the most important ways to prevent the ways to adultery. Veiling is by nature, importance of creation.
It is all known that one gets bothered by the gaze of the people whom s/he dislikes, noone can stand comfortably in such situation. But sometimes we see more attractive 'hijabis' than those who don't wear it. Hijab is not only to cover hair. But it doesn't mean, she shouldn't wear a hijab. It is not.

It was reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “There are two types of the people of Hell that I have not seen yet: men with whips like the tails of cattle, with which they strike the people, and women who are clothed yet naked, walking with an enticing gait, with something on their heads that looks like the humps of camels, leaning to one side. They will never enter Paradise or even smell its fragrance, although its fragrance can be detected from such and such a distance.” (Narrated by Ahmad and by Muslim in al-Saheeh).
In this picture it is hair at the top of it or another thing, I don't know. I said another thing, because there is a video footage in one of the sites. There a stylist was showing an example and before covering the hijab she put 2 big broches on her hair and wore an underscarf over it. And it was like there were 2 heads. And you know? In the comments of other site it was written ''when my brother see such hijabis he says that 'they seem more beautiful in this way' , it means it attracts men's attention, too''.
  ''Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) said: There will be in the last of my ummah, scantily dressed women, the hair on the top of their heads like a camel’s hump. Curse them, for verily they are cursed.'' [At-Tabarani and Sahih Muslim]
I do NOT say that women should wear in a dirty, funky way, NO. In simple way women can be elegant and beautiful, too. But without breaking Allah's orders, inshaa Allah. It is really hard and danger to be cursed by Allah and His Messenger (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam).
May Allah let us meet one another near the Prophet(sas) in Jannah, Ameen...

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