Work and Get

Each student was given a long wood by the teacher.
-Take this wood and come with me,-said the teacher.
 None of the students protested. But one of them:
-This wood is very heavy to carry, if youallowed me, I would like to cut a little, said.
The teacher agreed. And he cut a little off the wood. Then they continued their way.But they hadn't gone far when the student  turned towards the teacher again with the same question:
-This wood is very hard, if you permitted me, I would like to cut a little more, - said.
The teacher didn't protest again and the student cut his wood off. After a while they met a valley in front of them and the teacher said to his students:
-Now everyone, be ready to cross the valley with the wood,-said.
And everybody could cross the valley except the student who cut his wood again and again. So, if there is no work or hardship, then there is no any ''harvest'' or 'award' for this...

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