If we lived the life back to front

If we lived our life back to front...
Let's think the life for a moment. You are in a wooden coffin. Eeveryone staying in front of you in tears and doing prayer. This time you get out of the coffin. Wise, mature, restrained...there is an infinite respect for you. Sons, daughters, and even great-grandchildren are with you. You get into your car and drive towards your home...
 You come to your home. You have everything-house, salary ... You live in comfort. Your health is going to be better day by day. Muscles are stronger. And one day, you begin to work as a chief or an experienced manager. Everyone stands right in front you.
 Day by day you get into form. Beautiful days begin. And one day the manager suggests you to go to the university. Now, your father is with you, too. Father: "You have worked a lot, go home and begin to study," said.
 Then comes school years. Now, your father or mother takes you to the school. You don't need to drive a car.
 One day you are taken out of the school. "Now, be at home and play with your toys", they say. Everything is done for you-eating, drinking. And one day your mother decides to give you milk. Now, wherever you go, your meal is with you.
 One day you fall into dark and hot environment. There is no need to open your mouth to be fed. You are away from any noise. You are getting smaller, smaller, smaller and finally, you turn into a small cell. And one day, life ends ...
 In fact, it is possible to infer the number of examples. However, 3 of them are most important:
1 - Death can not be killed. Either it comes out from the very beginning or the end, we will go "there" at last.
2 - Either the life goes to the death or the birth, but the last way is to Allah (swt), going to be near to Him.
3 - And examination ... The main issue is NOT from where to begin the life, BUT how to get out of this life examination. What will be the result...

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Worth to think ¿

I've found new stories. I liked them very much :) Enjoy!
(Ahmed Shahin, ''They lived Islam like this'')

Just a so-called generous person was talking
to Adkham. He said:
 -Imam, give me advice.
If I give advice, will you follow it? Adkham said.
 -Yes. You just give advice, greedy said.
If so, listen to this advice:
 -Open the closed one, close the opened one! Adkham said.
 The greedy man began to think. He could not disclose it in any meaning. And asked:
 -I could not disclose the explanation. What is closed? What is opened?
 Adkham Ibrahim said:
-Closed one is your purse. You will open it. The Opened one is your tongue. You will close it!

                                                        * * * * * * *

Abraham's heart was as Arafat square. He has a heart for all Allah's friends. Important was the service to Allah and devotion to Islam. No matter what profession they had, Abraham loved all of them. One night, He saw Jibril(as) in His dream. Jibril(as) was walking with the book in His hands.   O the chief of the angels, what is this book?
Jibril Alayhissalam:
-I write the name of Allah's friends in this book.
-Will you also write my name there?
-No. There is no your name among the friends of Allah.
   Abraham Adkham asked this question:
-If there is no my name among the friends of Allah, isn't it among the lovers of Allah's friends,either?
-Yes, there is!
-Then, What are you waiting for?
When Jibril Alayhissalam began to think, Our Lord ordered:
-O Jibril, what are you thinking? Didn't My Prophet tell that ''Man with those whom He loves'' ? Of course, Abraham will also be with the friends of Allah whom He loves. Write his name among Allah's friends.

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Wisdom...The story of a cup

Some days ago I heard this story, was impressed and decided to share with You All. Its writer is Turkish. I translated it and Hope You’ll like it :)
                                                  * * * * * * *
An old woman, placed a hundred years cup carefully up the hall showcase which she had bought from the store of antique items. Cup’s shape, engravings on it and colours said it was a work of art. Remembered the sum; no, it was not expensive at all.

She kept looking at the cup in wonder. Suddenly, the cup came to speak and said to the woman;

“I see that you are looking at me admiringly. But, you should know that I was not always like this. The hardships that I took made me like this. 

The woman was in surprise now. The cup in front of her was talking!

The old woman stammers: “How? I don’t understand?” could say.

“I want to say that once I was just a piece of mud and a craftsman came. Took me, crushed, beat and kneaded me. Couldn’t bear all these and shouted:

“Enough! Please, stop it!”

But the craftsman was just smiling and  said; “Not yet!”
“Then he took me and put on a board. There I turned, turned, turned and felt dizzy. Finally, shouted again:
“I beg you, bring me off this board. I don’t want to turn on this board, again!”
But the artisan looked at me and smiled:

“Not yet!”

“After a while, He took me and put into a stove. Closed the door and increased the heat. Now I could see Him through the window of the stove. The stove got warmer gradually. I thought: “He’ll burn me”
I began hitting the walls. On the other hand shouted:
“Master, master! I beg you, let me get out of here!”
I could see his face through the window. Still was smiling and said “Not yet!”

After an hour, opened the stove and took me out of there. Now I could breath easily, I was rescued from the heat of the stove. He put me on the table and brought a brush and paint.

He began to touch me with the painted brush. The brush was all around me and I was tickled.
“Please, master! I beg you, it is tickling me.” His answer was the same: “Not yet!”

Then He took  me carefully and began to walk towards the stove again. I was frightened. “No! Don’t put me into the stove again, pleaasseeee!”, I shouted.

He opened the stove, pushed me and closed the door. Increased the heat twice as it was before. “This time He’ll really burn me.”, I thought. I looked through the window and begged. But He said “Not yet!” again. Only now, I saw the tears coming down onto His cheeks.

When I thought that I was about to give my last breath, that time the door was opened and Master’s thin hand took me out the stove. I took a deep breath, I met coolness after a long absence. He put me up the shelf and said:

“Now, you are what I wanted. Would you like to see yourself?”

I said ‘’Yes’’.

He brought a mirror and put it in front of me. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I looked into mirror again again and said: “This is not me. I am just a piece of mud.”

“Yes, this is you.” Said the Master. The things that you thought like pain and distress made you a perfect cup.

If I didn’t work on you when you were a piece of mud, you would have got dried and disappeared.
If I didn’t put you on a rotating table, you would have been dust.
If I didn’t put you into a stove, you would have been blowed up. If I didn’t paint you, you would not have got colour in your life.
But you got the real strength and power after a second stove.
Now you have everything on you that I wanted.”

And I- a coffee cup, got surprised at the words going out of my mouth:

“My Master! Forgive me that I didn’t trust in You!
I thought You would do harm to me.
I could not think that You would do goodness and love me more than I do myself
My way of thinking was narrow, but now I see that You changed me into a great piece of art.
Thank You for giving me The things that I saw like pain and hardships.
Thank YOU!

* * * * * *
Master shapes the cup, Creator shapes the man (human),
Enough that we can see the wisdom inside pain.
“Whatever comes from You is delightful” - If we could only learn to say this…

(Sait Çamlıca)

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