A young man named Yousuf came to visit Hatam-i A'sam, an islamic scholar, with his friends. During the talk Hatam was asked:
-How do you prepare for a prayer?
   And He answered: -Before a prayer I imagine the heaven on my right side, and the hell on my left. Sirat (the bridge) under my feet, and of course the scale that our deeds will be put on, in front of my eyes. Imagine Azrail (as) behind me waiting to take my soul as soon as I finish my prayer. One more thing is... Allah sees my body and heart every second even if I don't see Him.
   Yousuf in surprise:
-How long have you been praying like this? -he asked.
-More than twenty (20) years, -He answered.

*What a wonderful preparation, isn't it? Hope you liked it, and hope you don't only read, but leave your thoughts down below too :)

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