Last Judgment - yawm al qiyamah

Assalam alaikum,

Have you ever thought about the judgment day!? No doubt, one day we shall be judged by Allah (swt). Every minor details of our action- good deeds and bad deeds- will get the answer. Before that Great Judgment Day, what if we judge ourselves in this world.

  Hadhrati Shibli, one of scholar of Islam, always kept reminding people around Him saying"Judge yourselves in this world before being judged!". Starting with this sentence in every sermon (waaz) He gave, one day Hadhrati Shibli was asked "In the beginning of every sermon you say 'Judge yourselves before being judged!". "If we judge ourselves in this world, do you think we'll not be judged in hereafter?", the man asked. Hadhrati Shibli's answer was: "Yes, those who live their lives by judging their deeds, may not be judged there. Judgment in this world may be seen enough. Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said "Hasibi qabla an tuhasabu!",which means, "Bring yourself to account before you are taken to account!".
  Getting the answer, the man made this sentence his life rule and began to live his life purely by judging himself in every action. He performed his prayers with great care. Tried to do his best to avoid the sins. In short, tried not to do the things that he thought he couldn't answer in hereafter. Thus, one night he saw a dream about his master. Hadhrati Shibli was on a white horse towards the sky. The man called Him saying "Wait! Please, wait me, I want to go with you!" The master's answer was like this:" I have been freed from this prison newly, do you think I will wait here!"
  In order to learn the meaning of this dream, he went to his master's house as he woke up. Seeing the funeral, he understood that his master had passed away. He prayed to see his master in his dream. The first question was about his most wondering issue:"You had lived your life by judging yourself, were you freed the judgment there?" The answer was like this:"The Angels came to judge me. We began to talk. At that moment I heard the order from Allah "Don't judge that slave of mine. Because he did his judgment himself in the world. He has come here with pure deeds." After this order the angels disappeared. Hadhrati Shibli told his student:"If you don't want to be taken to account here, don't neglect to judge yourself there. Don't come here with the deeds that you can't give any answer.
   So...Living without thinking of death, without contemplation on committed sins, without judging these sins inside ourselves, how will it work? In that case, one should die before the death comes...the life judgment should be done in this world.......

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