Color blindness

Assalam Alaikum,all.

Today I share a topic that most of us will thank Allah for this blessing. The most important part-eyes and vision. And the world the way we see it. Not everyone sees the world the same way. For example, not everyone responds to color like most of us do. Some form of color-vision defect is found in 8%  of Caucasian males(but only 0.03% of females; the rate of color blindness is lower in other races). The deficiencies in color vision come in various forms. The great majority of people identified as color blind are actually missing one of the three visual pigments(and so they are "dichromats", not "trichromats"). Other forms of color blindness can involve a defective opponent process or a malfunction in brain circuitry needed for color vision. Most common is a confusion of reds with greens; least common is total color blindness, in which no hues can be distinguished at all. Interestingly, though, most of these problems are rarely noticed in everyday life,and color-blind people can spend many years without even realizing they are color blind. They call stop signs "red" and grass "green" , just like anyone else does. And, presumably, they spend much of their lives believing that others perceive colors the same way they do.
   Color blindness can result from various injuries to the eye or brain, but this condition most commonly has a genetic origin. It is also much more frequent in humans than it is in other primates with color vision similar to our own.
   The perception of color enhances our appreciation of art and, more practically, allows us to distinguish a ripe fruit from a green one. Other aspects of vision are far more important. After all, a color-blind individual can live a perfectly normal life. But the same can't be said for an individual who can't tell a square from a circle, and can't tell whether the shape in front of her is that of an apple or that of a banana. These individuals (known as visual agnosics) are dramatically impaired in their functioning.
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This is great post. We should think about this point more since there is a complex system but perfect output.

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