Old fashion and modernization

Assalam alaikum,all.
My trip is over and I really liked Boston. Despite cold weather, it has warm sincere people.  What caught my attention was many architectural designed buildings- from 1700s to nowadays. If you go there make sure you visit Copley Square.
  Streets were simple and not so bustle. I don't know but I liked.

So Quincy Market:)) we found this place to buy something for friends. Affordable price and lots of variety. Maybe you can find more places with more varieties. But it was ok for us.
Magnets with the city's different sights on
Different types of tea

Park street

Beautiful scene. The sun goes down
This piano was in Quincy market. Just caught my attention.  It says'play me I'm yours':))
The whole city was full of lights on trees, bushes, market's doors

All in all, it was really impressive to be there. I am fond of history, so wherever I see old things and places I really get excited. But of course these are not so old, I don't know what I would do if I went to Egypt or Italy. So, everyone passes away but things remain..for now. Interesting to see and think about how people struggled there for their freedom. As I read there 'the heart of America started to beat from Boston'.
If you go somewhere be sure to visit historical places and know its precious moments.

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