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Assalamu alaikum,all.

It is really difficult to endure the long flight. I had my first long flight-13 hours. And I thank Allah that I haven't taken my baby with me. She wouldn't bear this and there would be nonstop cry. Because I also was inexperienced for so long flight, at least for the first time. But now I know alhamdulillah.
First, you should have a medicine for your headache in your bag. I really had a strong awful headache and took my medicine and just slept.
Wear your hijab loose with breathable fabric. But be careful, being loose DOESN'T mean hair and neck should be seen. Because while sleeping it may be drawn back.
Take your shoes off
As soon as I got on the plane and sat, I just took my shoes off and wore the slippers that the staff had given. Because your feet get swollen. For comfort you can take your feet up and down when you want.
Earcuff- in plane they gave
Soft warm Socks- they gave
Movies, games in your iPad- you mat not satisfied with the movies or games on the plane. So better download lots of movies and games or whatever your interest is to make the flight more bearable.
Snack- things that will not make you vomit. Also you may not like the food that is given to you.
Toothbrush and toothpaste. But you will be given , too.
And just things necessary for you in your backpack.

And the most important thing: for Muslims. There are no water taps in the toilets. Thanks Allah, husband had done this kind of flights, so he advised me to be tactical about this. I planned to take an empty bottle, but forgot in that rush. Otherwise the plane staff give a bottle of water. ( we had stay for 2 hours for transition) So it was really good.

So, have a nice flight

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