Worth to think ¿

I've found new stories. I liked them very much :) Enjoy!
(Ahmed Shahin, ''They lived Islam like this'')

Just a so-called generous person was talking
to Adkham. He said:
 -Imam, give me advice.
If I give advice, will you follow it? Adkham said.
 -Yes. You just give advice, greedy said.
If so, listen to this advice:
 -Open the closed one, close the opened one! Adkham said.
 The greedy man began to think. He could not disclose it in any meaning. And asked:
 -I could not disclose the explanation. What is closed? What is opened?
 Adkham Ibrahim said:
-Closed one is your purse. You will open it. The Opened one is your tongue. You will close it!

                                                        * * * * * * *

Abraham's heart was as Arafat square. He has a heart for all Allah's friends. Important was the service to Allah and devotion to Islam. No matter what profession they had, Abraham loved all of them. One night, He saw Jibril(as) in His dream. Jibril(as) was walking with the book in His hands.   O the chief of the angels, what is this book?
Jibril Alayhissalam:
-I write the name of Allah's friends in this book.
-Will you also write my name there?
-No. There is no your name among the friends of Allah.
   Abraham Adkham asked this question:
-If there is no my name among the friends of Allah, isn't it among the lovers of Allah's friends,either?
-Yes, there is!
-Then, What are you waiting for?
When Jibril Alayhissalam began to think, Our Lord ordered:
-O Jibril, what are you thinking? Didn't My Prophet tell that ''Man with those whom He loves'' ? Of course, Abraham will also be with the friends of Allah whom He loves. Write his name among Allah's friends.

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