Wisdom...The story of a cup

Some days ago I heard this story, was impressed and decided to share with You All. Its writer is Turkish. I translated it and Hope You’ll like it :)
                                                  * * * * * * *
An old woman, placed a hundred years cup carefully up the hall showcase which she had bought from the store of antique items. Cup’s shape, engravings on it and colours said it was a work of art. Remembered the sum; no, it was not expensive at all.

She kept looking at the cup in wonder. Suddenly, the cup came to speak and said to the woman;

“I see that you are looking at me admiringly. But, you should know that I was not always like this. The hardships that I took made me like this. 

The woman was in surprise now. The cup in front of her was talking!

The old woman stammers: “How? I don’t understand?” could say.

“I want to say that once I was just a piece of mud and a craftsman came. Took me, crushed, beat and kneaded me. Couldn’t bear all these and shouted:

“Enough! Please, stop it!”

But the craftsman was just smiling and  said; “Not yet!”
“Then he took me and put on a board. There I turned, turned, turned and felt dizzy. Finally, shouted again:
“I beg you, bring me off this board. I don’t want to turn on this board, again!”
But the artisan looked at me and smiled:

“Not yet!”

“After a while, He took me and put into a stove. Closed the door and increased the heat. Now I could see Him through the window of the stove. The stove got warmer gradually. I thought: “He’ll burn me”
I began hitting the walls. On the other hand shouted:
“Master, master! I beg you, let me get out of here!”
I could see his face through the window. Still was smiling and said “Not yet!”

After an hour, opened the stove and took me out of there. Now I could breath easily, I was rescued from the heat of the stove. He put me on the table and brought a brush and paint.

He began to touch me with the painted brush. The brush was all around me and I was tickled.
“Please, master! I beg you, it is tickling me.” His answer was the same: “Not yet!”

Then He took  me carefully and began to walk towards the stove again. I was frightened. “No! Don’t put me into the stove again, pleaasseeee!”, I shouted.

He opened the stove, pushed me and closed the door. Increased the heat twice as it was before. “This time He’ll really burn me.”, I thought. I looked through the window and begged. But He said “Not yet!” again. Only now, I saw the tears coming down onto His cheeks.

When I thought that I was about to give my last breath, that time the door was opened and Master’s thin hand took me out the stove. I took a deep breath, I met coolness after a long absence. He put me up the shelf and said:

“Now, you are what I wanted. Would you like to see yourself?”

I said ‘’Yes’’.

He brought a mirror and put it in front of me. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I looked into mirror again again and said: “This is not me. I am just a piece of mud.”

“Yes, this is you.” Said the Master. The things that you thought like pain and distress made you a perfect cup.

If I didn’t work on you when you were a piece of mud, you would have got dried and disappeared.
If I didn’t put you on a rotating table, you would have been dust.
If I didn’t put you into a stove, you would have been blowed up. If I didn’t paint you, you would not have got colour in your life.
But you got the real strength and power after a second stove.
Now you have everything on you that I wanted.”

And I- a coffee cup, got surprised at the words going out of my mouth:

“My Master! Forgive me that I didn’t trust in You!
I thought You would do harm to me.
I could not think that You would do goodness and love me more than I do myself
My way of thinking was narrow, but now I see that You changed me into a great piece of art.
Thank You for giving me The things that I saw like pain and hardships.
Thank YOU!

* * * * * *
Master shapes the cup, Creator shapes the man (human),
Enough that we can see the wisdom inside pain.
“Whatever comes from You is delightful” - If we could only learn to say this…

(Sait Çamlıca)

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