If we lived the life back to front

If we lived our life back to front...
Let's think the life for a moment. You are in a wooden coffin. Eeveryone staying in front of you in tears and doing prayer. This time you get out of the coffin. Wise, mature, restrained...there is an infinite respect for you. Sons, daughters, and even great-grandchildren are with you. You get into your car and drive towards your home...
 You come to your home. You have everything-house, salary ... You live in comfort. Your health is going to be better day by day. Muscles are stronger. And one day, you begin to work as a chief or an experienced manager. Everyone stands right in front you.
 Day by day you get into form. Beautiful days begin. And one day the manager suggests you to go to the university. Now, your father is with you, too. Father: "You have worked a lot, go home and begin to study," said.
 Then comes school years. Now, your father or mother takes you to the school. You don't need to drive a car.
 One day you are taken out of the school. "Now, be at home and play with your toys", they say. Everything is done for you-eating, drinking. And one day your mother decides to give you milk. Now, wherever you go, your meal is with you.
 One day you fall into dark and hot environment. There is no need to open your mouth to be fed. You are away from any noise. You are getting smaller, smaller, smaller and finally, you turn into a small cell. And one day, life ends ...
 In fact, it is possible to infer the number of examples. However, 3 of them are most important:
1 - Death can not be killed. Either it comes out from the very beginning or the end, we will go "there" at last.
2 - Either the life goes to the death or the birth, but the last way is to Allah (swt), going to be near to Him.
3 - And examination ... The main issue is NOT from where to begin the life, BUT how to get out of this life examination. What will be the result...

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