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Salam alaikum, all.
After reading this maybe many people think they do the same. But some times I see people who intentionally criticise other people in front of the crowd. You know what it means. It means you made him or her feel embarrassed. Maybe you humiliated that person. If you want that person to understand his or her fault then just tell him or her alone. Just you two. And not in a rude way. With respect and clemency.
  And I have read that sometimes awliyas had a talk in a crowd to show that person the right way. It is not the same. They knew how to behave in any situation. But many people don't, including me.
  Sometimes we feel obligation to warn that person in front of everyone. Because that person may be a bad model indeed.Once I came across with comments on YouTube that caught my attention. Somebody commented like 'it is not right to do like this' and lots of comments hailed down on him or her saying, 'who you are saying this, you can't judge' etc etc...it is really interesting for me, is it really 'to judge'? I assume that many people message privately. But what if all protect this 'wrong way'. And mesmerizing comments that cause more inclination to continue.
   So, better not to pass that fine line. Before we should do it In a best way as possible as we can. Because with a little inaccuracy we may get in trouble ourselves. As we may need to ask for forgiveness.
So let's criticise each other with respect, love and care.
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