Baby teeth period and seasonal flu

Assalamu alaikum,sisters.
I know I haven't been for a long time. I have just been so busy with my daughter's teeth period and seasonal flu. Still she hasn't recovered fully yet. But alhamdulillah. Allah gives so much strength. Because it is really hard to withstand the fatigue that you get in these days. I absolutely couldn't sleep and tried to sleep just every time when she slept. Besides, running and stuffy nose. Alhamdulillah she didn't have temperature problem. That's why I wasn't in a panic:D
Anyway, try to keep her warm.
Every time when she wakes up dress her up with jacket or something like this. If there is necessity change the clothes in case she sweats.
Always socks in feet. Even if the weather at home is ok.
Make her drink warm milk and eat soup(specially when she is sick) but don't force when she doesn't want to eat. Try to find something that attracts her attention and meanwhile feed her. Or some babies don't like to be engaged while they eat. So avoid distractions.
Don't give any medicine without asking her doctor. I gave a nasal spray for babies.
Ventilate the room often. This makes the room avoid from the viruses.
So I think this is all I remember for now.
May Allah save our children,
Healthy days for all

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