Most beautiful thing for me yesterday

Assalam alaikum, mothers,

I had always thought that babies didn't understand anything. And they just need to eat, drink and sleep and play. Want to be in her or his mom's arms. But this had been until I became a mother myself. Actually I am wrong. They understand and remember everything. But they react different. There are lots of things that I can write maybe post by post. But yesterday I had really a great feeling. I had really bad back pain. And alhamdulillah my mother was here. And how much I tried to lie down silently,  my daughter began to cry when she saw me like that. She tried to climb up near me. Finally, my mom  put her near me. And there was really a surprising thing. She put her head or face on my face and did as she was kissing me. She did it twice thrice. After I said 'I am ok' she became quiet. I was so happy:) and she is a year, alhamdulillah. How much moms become tired it doesn't matter when they see their babies smiling,caring.
May Allah protect and save our children. Amen!

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